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XBee Internet Gateway 1.4, Now with More iDigi!


Ready to upload data to the Internet right from your XBee radio, and control devices from the cloud? The XBee Internet Gateway version 1.4.0 is here to help!

Some outstanding XIG capabilities in this new release are:

  • Sensors and switches attached directly to an XBee radio can send data right into iDigi cloud.
  • Any device can generate iDigi Dia data uploads using XIG’s new free-form data service
  • Outputs can be fully controlled remotely using an XBee radio’s digital outputs from iDigi
  • Full configuration of all XBee radio parameters using remote AT commands from iDigi

The XIG was foundational to the inaugural Sensitive Buildings class at NYU and has recently been featured in Make: Live! projects by Matt Richardson. Full user documentationis available online. This latest release includes a few recent bug fixes, so all users are encouraged to upgrade.

Watch this video where Jordan demonstrates more about the remote control and sampling features:

Like the new features? Have suggestions for other things the XIG should do? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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