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O’Reilly Strata Data Sensing Lab– A Wireless Sensor Networking Success

The Data Sensing Lab at O’Reilly’s Strata Conference in New York was a great success! The team: Alasdair Allan of Babilim Light IndustriesRob Faludi of Digi InternationalMatt Wood of Amazon Web Services and Brian Jepson and Julie Steele of O’Reilly Media successfully deployed a mesh network of sensors throughout the conference that collected data on light, temperature, humidity, sound and motion. This data will be combined with data sets about utilization of the wireless network, stop-motion video of the rooms and other realtime conference information.

Digi’s part in the lab was to assemble a network of 40 XBee ZigBee radio sensor nodes to carry data gathered on the Arduino microcontroller platform to the Internet via a single ConnectPort X2e running the XBee Internet Gateway. The XIG automatically posts everything to the iDigi Device Cloud, which pushed it along via Amazon Web Services to a team of visualization experts for analysis. The entire system was put together from scratch, including enclosures that were 3D-printed on site, in under a week’s time.

Here’s Rob Faludi’s interview with Mac Slocum talking about Digi’s involvement in the Sensing Lab, the future of M2M and the Internet of Things. As Rob explains, the Data Sensing Lab started as a “grand experiment.”

The initial data release from the Data Sensing Lab  is available now. As Alasdair Allan explained, “At the moment it’s just the environmental data, but go do something awesome with it, tell us about it, and we’ll tell the world…”

What’s next? Keep an eye out for a full documentary and workbook from O’Reilly Media on our experience of building and deploying the first Data Sensing Lab at Stata New York. We’ll be sure to share as more data and materials are available! You can also see updates from the whole Data Sensing Lab here on the Google+ Page.

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