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iDigi & XBee to Power the World’s Longest Work of Art: Connecting Light

We’ve been excitedly sharing updates about Connecting Light here on the iDigi Blog, Twitter and Facebook. But, just in case you haven’t heard, the iDigi Device Cloud and XBee will power Connecting Light, the art installation that will turn 73-mile Hadrian’s Wall into the world’s longest work of art.

As the presentation of Connecting Light grows closer [Friday, August 31 and Saturday, September 1], here’s what a few others are saying about the installation: 

“Founder member Zachary Lieberman said: ‘We are imagining a reverse wall – an inverse of the border. The border was built to separate people, and we want to bring them together again.'”

The Telegraph – London 2012 Festival: Hadrian’s Wall becomes ‘world’s longest artwork’


“The balloons will be fitted with lights and networked so they can communicate with one another [via XBee Radios]. Viewers will be able to submit short messages which will be transformed into pulses of colored light that pass along the wall in patterns reminiscent of Morse Code.”

San Francisco Chronicle — Balloons to Transform Hadrian’s Wall into Artwork


“Hadrian’s Wall has been the traditional boundary between England and Scotland ever since it was built by the Romans in the second century A.D. This 73-mile long structure was once the northernmost limit of the Roman Empire.”

Gadling — Hadrian’s Wall to be Turned into World’s Longest Work of Art


“Zachary Lieberman, artist, said: ‘Our concept is to create a digital platform by which messages can be communicated the entire length of the wall. The goal is to understand the wall in a modern context and imagine the wall not as a barrier but as a bridge, as a means of connecting rather than dividing. People will be able to interact at sites along the wall and as well as all over the world through the internet.'”

Arts Council England – Floating beacons to illuminate Hadrian’s Wall for London 2012 Festival


Get Involved:

You can send your own message by answering a prompt or creating your own on the Connecting Light website.  You can also check out updates directly from the Connecting Light team on their blog. Our team is officially on the ground in England to help deploy the installation, so we’ll be sharing real-time information here on the iDigi blog, on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well.

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